This is what I do to help brands and people move forward:



I represent the “voice of the consumer” in the creative process. I figure out what branded messages need to be communicated to reach and motivate a target audience. I uncover brand, cultural, consumer, category and product truths, tensions and insights to write creative briefs and brands' positioning, as the groundwork for a brand’s identity, comms. platform and creative ideas.

Deliverables include:
- strategic analysis
- interviews & focus groups

- brand (canvas) workshops
- debriefings & creative briefings
- brand platforms, manifesto's & guidelines


I help brands innovate ahead of their current conversation and the expectations of their customers with new marketable propositions. By teaming agency & client side people (copy, design, tech, UX, business analysts, product owners and marketeers) + partners (publishers, content producers), we create helpful tools, content formats and services to meet the interests and desires of people.

Deliverables include:
- brainstorms & workshops
- ideas, angles and concepts
- strategic & creative rationals
- concept / pitch presentations
- pilots & prototype testing


I ensure that creative ideas come to life in the right paid, owned and earned touch points across the consumer decision journey. And create plans to decide who to target, when, with what and how; in close partnership with brand owners, media agencies, publishers and producers.

Deliverables include:
- strategic communications plans (campaigns, content)
- messaging & comms. frameworks
- brand / content ecosystems
- campaign architectures & media flows
- tactical briefings